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You COMPLETED the 90 Day Mastermind.  That is great news.  You made the time to tune in each week and now you are ready to get started.  You now know exactly what you want to create for your new “side hustle”.  BUT, well HOW exactly are you going to get it all done?  

This is where many programs kinda leave you high and dry.  You attend the sessions, you ask questions, you complete worksheets – but at the end of the day, you still have a full-time job and a family (in most cases).  So now what?

We still want to be around to support you so take a look at our specially priced service packages and how we can help you take the next steps to get your business up and running in no time at all.  Don’t focus on what you can’t do.  Focus on your passion and let us help to take care of the rest.

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Use the contact form below to schedule a convenient time for a 1:1 conversation about your business needs and business goals.  Stop feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do.  We are here to help.


Choose a Package

There are three packages listed below that are based on the top requests we have received in the past from new entrepreneurs.  Review these before your call.  They can be customized to suit your unique situation.

Reach Your Goals

Clarity and focus will allow you to reach your business goals.  Say good-bye to procrastination and struggle.  By the end of our mastermind you will know what you want to offer.  Pick a package and lets get it done!


Get yourself up and running quickly in just a few steps.  It’s as easy as DOMAIN, HOSTING and CONTENT!  Don’t overthink this part.  It is the number one reason new entrepreneurs don’t move forward with their business.





More Details

You will need to pick and purchase a domain name.  We help you with that purchase, set up hosting, completing a WordPress installation.  Once we add a theme (which you select) and your content/copy – wala!  You have your own website.  We also provide site management services, so you never have to worry about having to learn WordPress.  Everything can be completed in a weekend (with you providing images and copy).  We target a weekend for development to ensure you are available for questions.  


A cohesive looking brand is key for both your website and your social media marketing channels.  Let us help you develop a cool looking site to showcase your services and skills.





More Details

Our Branding package is provided by Kelly Minton of MySavvyBrand (INSERT LINK).  Kelly will provide you with a 30 minute branding strategy session.  Based on that session you will receive your branding guide, along with TEXT logo concept allowing for (2) revisions, a custom color palette with hex codes and fonts.


Learning new skills is great, but what if you are truly just juggling a bit too much?  As us about our CUSTOMIZED flat-rate implementation package – we will take care of those new tasks you will learn about during our mastermind, that you just don’t have to time to master.


$TBD – 20%



More Details

Let’s say you don’t know WordPress, but want to run a blog.   What about social media channels?  How are they set up?  Which accounts should you have to market your business?  The idea of creating a newsletter or graphics make your palms sweat?  NO WORRIES!  For one low fee we can provide either ad hoc or monthly support.  You pick based on your needs and budget.

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