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We are here to help you create the perfect “side hustle”.

Hi and WELCOME!  We are thrilled you are thinking about working with us.  This is the best place to learn more about why you should.

Our Story

You have heard the saying before, “It takes a village….”.

We could not agree more.  Let’s face it, starting a new “side hustle” or business at any stage can seem overwhelming.  What you need is a guide.  Kelly & Lisa are your “dream team”.  We have worked for countless entrepreneurs just like you and we know exactly what you need to be successful.

Let’s face it, how are you supposed to manage it all?

  • You need to identify your business goals to determine if working from home is right for you.
  • What type of business or service? 
  • Who is your “ideal client”?
  • How will you develop your marketing strategy to start growing your business’s presence online?

If any of what you just read has your palms sweating, understand that we are ready to partner with you.  We are offering an amazing mastermind opportunity for people just like you – new, but ready.  You don’t have to have it all figured our.  You just need to be READY.  

Our Values & Beliefs


We absolutely LOVE what we do!!  We have a combined 25 + years of professional and administrative experience.  We have been right where you are now, struggling to make the right choices, set the right goals in order to move forward.  Partner with us today and get the roadmap you need for your success.


We are truly committed to your success and developed our course and all of our service offerings with YOU, the new entrepreneur in mind.  Sure you can go it alone.  New businesses start and fail at a rate of 50% each year.  Why not give yourself the best possible beginning.  Leverage our expertise.


We are not going anywhere.  Think about it.  If we deliver on everything we promise with our course, who will you want to partner with when you are up and running?  We are not just looking for program members, we are looking to build a community and that means being around for the long haul.

Our Approach

When it comes to groups, coaching or masterminds, we have both been there, done that.  Over the years what we have come to realize is new entrepreneurs get easily overwhelmed with all there is to do in order to run a business.  Especially when you don’t have a good grasp on the “tech” aspect.

Our program is going to eliminate alot of the stress that comes from starting a business from scratch.  Our course will have you engaged and strategizing from Day 1!  

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Your Side Hustle Today!


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